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About Bitdaddy Mining Limited

Bitdaddy mining limited is a London based and market leader in the field of cryptocurrency mining. We are a dedicated team of professionals which is skilled in managing and maintaining industry scale mining farms.

Our company are currently hosting more than 3,000 mining units that mine different cryptocurrency and bitcoins.

Bitdaddy mining limited is co founded by different like minded individuals in year 2017 when cryptocurrency market is at its peak. We build and develop and comprehensive mining solutions that enable us to expand our mining operation significantly. This year 2019 our team decided to create a sustainable investment products that enable our company to create more additional funding to expand our operation and to provide our customers a transparent and real mining investment products and services.

WHY JOIN Bitdaddy Mining Limited

Bitdaddy is providing enterprise investment solution for your cryptocurrency mining needs.

Real time investments

Your investment mining plans will be activated immediately after you made your investment. Payouts start after 24 hours depending on your chosen investment plan.

User-friendly system

Your personal account dashboard is all you need. Providing real time user history, investments, easy to use functionality and 24/7 nonstop instant processing of withdrawals.

Secured withdrawal

All your funds are secured and safely store in a offline cold storage. All account withdrawals are processed instantly upon request. No long processing time.

Professional Support

Interested in learning more about our investment products before joining and investing with us? Did you encounter any problems within our website? Get in touch with us 24/7.